Why dental care is necessary for your teeth?

Everyone wants healthy teeth. To get healthy teeth dental care is the most important things. For poor dental health, you may face bad breath, tooth decay, gum infection and teeth missing. Healthy teeth mean healthy you. Proper dental care is a very vital thing for everyday life.

Gum disease

Gum disease is very impactful oral health. It affects your mouth very badly. Gum disease is generated by three things like oral hygiene, genetic susceptibility, and smoking/alcohol abuse. Regular dental healthcare is the best way to prevent this disease. If you leave it and don’t take any step to prevent gum diseases then it will affect your teeth also.

Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth can make you embarrass in front of your friends. But some people have a natural yellow undertone. The cause of yellow teeth is excess consumption of red wine and coffee. It is a big cosmetic issue for many people. Many patients regularly visit the dental studio to whiten their teeth. But now quite a lot of types of toothpaste that contain whitening ingredients are accessible on the market. It is better to ask your dentist’s view about whitening your teeth professionally.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is the most painful thing. Sensitivity means that something is going on in your mouth.  It is caused by an exposed root. When you having something hot or cold food or beverages then Sensitivity irritates the nerve. You can use toothpaste that can relive the pain, due to tooth sensitivity are presented. But, for a permanent solution to the pain you should consult a dentist.


Cavities are the most commonly occurring dental problem of these days and are caused by improper mouth cleaning. It’s happened when the sugar in our food is not removed from the mouth and the bacteria feed on it and generate acidic waste that can eat away at enamel waste. This is the process of formation of cavities and the bacteria live in these cavities. Proper brushing and flossing habits are the only solutions to prevent cavity formation. If you do have a cavity problem, consult a dentist, he can solve it and will fill it.

To prevent these problems you need to brush your teeth twice a day and need to change your brush 6 months gap. Also, keep your brush clean. Use proper toothpaste and proper size brush for your teeth. Food habits also can damage your teeth so try to avoid sweet things. Make a proper oral clean routine and follow that. For further information click on good dentist in Velachery.

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