What is sensitivity?

Have you ever felt the pain or discomfort in the canal area after biting some cold ice creams, juices and sweets? Well, that pain symptoms could be a sign of cavity problems for the people who have sensitive teeth.  Tooth sensitiveness or dental hypersensitivity is the sense which creates pain to the teeth as a reciprocation of some destined hot and cold temperature stimuli. Here we are going to look about some of the major causes of tooth sensibility.

 Enamel loss along the gum line:

Clenching, scraping, and hard brushing can lead your enamel to become thinner along the gum line. Beneath the tooth enamel besets a micro coating of dentin. Dentin’s structure is also like our bones, hard, yet permeable. It is composed of tiny tubules which act like route ways to the pulp and nerve of our roots. When revealed, they transfer signals to the nerve area in kind of pain to let you know that the protecting enamel is gone.

Tooth decay:

A tiny cavity in the coating of a tooth is usually an easy fix, but if left to spread, it can induce unbearable pain. Once the decay has swallowed away at the coating into the dentin, it can give pain. If overlooked, it can spread over the pulp chamber, or nerve of the root might produce ache which would make worse situation while consuming food or drink.

Gum disease:

 The periodontal disease makes the gums to narrow back, reveals a preventive layer called ‘cementum’ that comprises the root of the tooth. The roots of our teeth are very malleable than the layer also preserves the top portion of our teeth and are much more susceptive to decay. When gum infection is present, the gums subside by exposing this irritable area that can cause severe sensitivity even when exhaling cold air.

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