Tips to take care of your Dental Implants.

If people have broken or missing teeth than dental implants are the best option, once the procedure is done it is very important to take good care of your dental implants. If not treated well, there might be many dental problems like infections, plague, bone loss, gum bleeding, etc.

These problems make the healing process more difficult and may lead to more severe complications if not attended with care. So to avoid all these we must take extra care. Here are some tips to follow for healthy implants.


Brushing or cleaning your dental implants is the same as cleaning your normal teeth. It is important to keep them clean because the food substances make get stuck easily and may cause infections, to avoid this, the patients must thoroughly clean their teeth.

But do not be so hard on the teeth, always use soft-bristled brushes and brush gently. Take 2-3 minutes to brush your teeth and can also visit any dental care in Velachery to get professionally cleaned.

Floss Regularly

It is important to floss regularly, especially if you have dental implants. Flossing helps in getting out that extra food particles that get stuck which cannot be removed just by brushing. Make sure to floss gently around the dental implants so that it won’t get damaged.


People who got their dental implants done should not use toothpaste with harsh ingredients it may damage the implants, it is recommended to use toothpaste that is gentle to the teeth and it is so much better to use the ones prescribed by your doctor.

Avoid certain foods

After the dental implant procedure, it is best to avoid foods that may damage the teeth like crunchy or hard food, sticky food items, ice cubes, etc. It is better to have liquids, semi-solid and soft foods until it is healed. Consuming food that is rich in vitamins A and C will help the gums to recover faster.

Rinse Well

This step could be basic but it is a very vital step to follow to avoid bacterial formation in the mouth, use a good anti-microbial mouth rinse or use hot water mixed in salt and rinse your mouth regularly to keep your mouth and dental implants clean.

Professional help

Check frequently with your dentist and get your implants and teeth professionally cleaned. As they use professional equipment to do the job it will get rid of every foreign particles or bacteria in the mouth and keeps the implants and the teeth healthy. Visit any good dentist in Velachery.

These are the small steps to take after your dental implants procedure to avoid big problems in the future.

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