Swelling Gums: How to reduce, prevent from Oral discomforts

Caring Gums is one of the significant measures to protect your teeth for the long term. Most of us weren’t aware of it, which leads us to face many oral related problems for the rest of our lives. One of the most common oral diseases is Swelling gums, which makes both adults and children face discomfort ness in their day to day routine. Here we are going to discuss briefly why Swelling occurs in gums and how to prevent ourselves from it.

Generally, Gum related problems arrive when we don’t follow oral hygiene and not giving proper oral care. However, having better dental awareness and care helps us to minimize unwanted oral related issues. These are the few remedies to recess the gum abscesses and provide ease to the pain.

Treating lemon Juice with hot water:

Lemon, one of the best sources for Vitamin C and helps to reduce your risk of heart-related disease and strokes. We, people, use Lemon As a part of basic home remedies for various domestic treatments. But when it comes to teeth, its acidic portions would directly affect the tooth enamel that erodes gums as well. As per the dental experts, We can reduce its risk by gargling lemon syrup along with salt & hot water after brushing. The diluted lemon juice soothes the gum pain instantly and gives temporary relief from gum swelling and highly recommended one for all.

Composition of Turmeric with Baking Soda:

Turmeric has been considered as a good antibiotic substance from ages and mainly used as a base for various internal and external treatments. One of its active compounds named Curcumin has scientifically proven health benefits to prevent heart and lung cancer. We can use Turmeric as a swelling remedy by mixing with baking soda, which would definitely work well.

Magic of Cloves:

We can’t ignore Cloves when it comes to Dental care. Cloves occupy its own space in every Indian kitchen cabinet as a spice, used for various cooking purposes. But many of us are still unaware of its medical uses and benefits. We can use it by applying directly as a raw one or oil for swelling gum for immediate relief.

All the above treatments could be used as a temporary remedy for all gum related diseases. A Beautiful proverb says “preventing is better than cure” and we should concentrate on health, particularly on Oral Care to prevent ourselves from unwanted discomforts. Get an appointment now from the Best Dentist in Velachery, to get a solution for your all gum and Oral related problems.

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