See these Dental Health Issues as You Age


The common truth is that we all are getting older. And another sure thing is aging doesn’t necessarily look the same on everyone. Like the rest of the body, your gums and teeth are susceptible to the effects of aging. As an example, after 50,000-plus meals, you can expect some teeth wear. Any tooth-grinding habit, though, could accelerate that wear. If you believe that you’re grinding your teeth (especially at night), we can fit you with mouth guard worn while you sleep that reduces the force on your teeth.

When your age is increasing that will create risk for the two most common dental diseases, tooth decay, and periodontal (gum) disease. Although both these diseases are different in the way infecting oral tissues, both can ultimately cause tooth and bone loss. Prevention must be your best strategy—through daily oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly to keep the dental plaque that fuels both diseases from building up on your teeth.

You should always consult with your dentist at the first sign of a toothache, unusual spots on the teeth and swollen or bleeding gums. These all are indicative of infection—and as early you’re diagnosed and treated, the more quickly you can return to optimum oral health. For any kind of dental problem click on Best Dental Clinic In Chennai Velachery.

You must remember that aging can bring other health conditions, and some of the medications to manage them could reduce your mouth’s saliva flow. Saliva fights dental infections and helps restore enamel after acid attacks, “dry mouth” can increase your disease risk. In case you’re noticing this, if you speak with your doctor about your medications, they will ask us about saliva boosters, and drink more water.

Finally, if you have any existing restorations checked regularly, especially dentures, which can lose their fit. If you have a problem in losing dentures, it may also be a sign of continuing bone loss in the jaw, a consequence of losing teeth. If relay happens, then consider dental implants: The structure and design of this premier tooth restoration can help curb bone loss by encouraging new growth. Any case of query click on Best Dental Clinic in Velachery.

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