Receding Gums – Causes and preventions

receding gums

                One of the common dental problems is receding gums. Nowadays many of the people even teenagers also facing this kind of oral problems. In this blog, we are going to know more about causes of receding gums and its preventing methods.

 What is receding gum?

Gum is a layer of mouth jaw that protects teeth’s root. Receding gum refers to the gum tissue which begun to tear away from the gum layer and exposes the bottom of the tooth root. If a person who left untreated this problem, gum stagnation could ruin the entire tooth root which would end up with losing teeth permanently.


•    Periodontal disease plays a major role in causing receding gum. This disease spreads vulgar infections over the gum area and starts to destroy it slowly.

•    Latest research reveals, brushing teeth too hard or too much also causes this problem. Hard wrestles in the toothbrushes scratch the gum layer hardly and make them weaker.

•    Ineffective dental health habits giving the possibility to grow bad bacteria’s inside mouth which may destroy the entire gum area.

•    Sometimes hormonal changes also result in gum related problems, particularly pregnancy and menopause periods lead to more vulnerable dental recessions. Women, who are taking excessive birth control pills which usually make harmonic syndromes, are widely suffering oral related problems.

How to fix receding gums?

Are you suffering on it? Since gum tissues are not growing back normally, this is the right time to discuss with our Dental Surgeon in Velachery. Based on the damages caused by gum disease you may get our help to deep clean your canal area to clear out the damages and restore your healthy smile again. Also, remember that gum diseases are not only causing receding gums also create more infections. Gentle oral care with diet will give a healthy smile for a long time.

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