Importance of replacement of teeth

Importance of replacement of teeth.

Our teeth and entire dental cavity plays an important role in our day to day life. It not only helps us to chew and eat food but also to maintain overall health and also one’s outer personality. One’s teeth and smile form the base and one of the important sources for his self-confidence. If there is a pain or some other defects in one’s oral cavity it may affect the person physically and mentally.

All the options mentioned above regarding missing teeth and treatment for replacement of teeth go hand in hand and the dentist will give suitable option and idea regarding the treatment based on the individual problems of each person.

Types of replacements



In case of removable teeth treatment for missing teeth, the fixed teeth can be easily removed and fixed in correct position by the patient. 

Removable treatment options

Complete dentures and removable partial dentures

This treatment will be prescribed to the patients who had lost their complete set of teeth due to some genetic disorders, periodontal problems and due to multiple caries. Complete dentures are made of acrylic and are placed on the ridge or gums of the patients that are seated and are supported by the saliva secreted and the oral muscular activities of the patients.

During the first few days of fitting the patients may feel the difference of the original teeth and replaced teeth and soon they will get used to it and they adjust themselves to it.

Partial dentures

A partial denture is given to the patients who lost some of their teeth and only the lost teeth will be replaced with the help of metallic handle called Clasp. This clasp will provide support and stability to the dentures. These teeth are also removable and can be fixed and handled easily by the patients. These teeth and metal handles are also available in tooth color, if aesthetics is a concern for anterior teeth.  

These complete and partial dentures are also used as temporary substitutes that are used till the permanent teeth are fixed to the patients. Generally, this treatment is given to old age people.

Fixed replacement

As the title says, in this treatment, the teeth will be fixed permanently in the missed area by the doctor and one fixed, the patients cannot remove the teeth or place it on their own as in the case of removable dentures.

Fixed options

* Crown and bridge

* Dental implants

Crown and bridge

This treatment is done if one or two teeth are missing. If a person cannot undergo implants, the doctor suggests him to do crown and bridge treatment. In this method, the natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth are reduced and both the teeth are caped along with the missing tooth. This is the crown and bridge.

If the natural teeth on either side of the newly fixed false teeth are strong and healthy, then another type of bridge can be fixed. In this method, the false teeth will contain wings and these wings will be fixed in the inner side of the original teeth and the false teeth will be permanently fixed and supported by the original teeth.

As the bridge will be permanently fixed under the original teeth, the false teeth need not be removed for cleaning but the natural teeth which support the false teeth should be cleaned carefully under the bridge using a special dental floss. Your dentist will direct you in using the special dental floss.

Dental implants

Dental implants are done with the metal screw made of titanium or titanium alloy which will be placed in the jawbone by your dentist.  The jawbone will fuse with the metal screw for several years and with this screw, the false teeth will be fixed in place. 

Individual teeth, dentures or bridges can be fixed using implants. But you have to wait for six months for healing and the jawbone to fuse securely with the Implant.

Dentures and bridges that are fixed to successful implants are really secure and they last for a long time. The dental implant is done through surgical procedure under local anaesthesia. For a successful dental implant, your gums should be healthy. For the person who has the habit of smoking, your doctor may not recommend implants as the habit of smoking may affect the success of the implant. It also important, to take good care of the implant, clean and floss your natural teeth adjacent to it.

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