Dental Crowns for Aesthetics and Function

Dental crown is a dental restoration that is used to replace an old filling or broken tooth to improve the function of your teeth.

There are two main signs that indicate an individual needs a dental crown are:

1. The first reason is cracked in the teeth are main indicators that one needs a dental crown. Deep cracks in teeth allow for plaque and bacteria to build up inside the tooth which can lead to infection and permanent tooth loss. Dental Clinic in Velachery provide best dental service.

2. The second reason might be because of the chipped tooth- Chips are a major sign of weak and decayed teeth that should be examined immediately. If that chip was not caused by accident, the chip is most likely due to some damage that can only be fixed with a dental crown.

Best Ten advantages of restorative Dental Crowns:

1. Natural Looking – Composite and Porcelain Dental Crowns have the look and feel of natural teeth.

2. Durable – It will last up to fifteen years depending on their care.

3. Stain Resistant – This made from porcelain

4. Cosmetic – It helps to improve the look of broken, cracked or discolored teeth

5. Non-slipping – It will not slip. Dental Crowns are cemented or anchored in place

6. Protection – It provides full protection. Dental Crowns protect the tooth from further decay

7. Restorative – It helps to restore the full function of your damaged tooth

8. Comfort – It provides great comfort. Stable and do not irritate gums like partial dentures.

9. Speech – Missing dentures and teeth can affect speech. Dental Crowns helps to replace the missing teeth and do not slip around, making speech sound more clear.

10. Confidence – Discoloured, Damaged, or missing teeth causes confidence issues. Dental Crowns help to make your smile beautiful again. To get best dental care click on Best Dental Clinic in Velachery. Only dental crowns are the solution to enhancing

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