Best Drink and Food for your teeth and gum.

The drink and food that you are consuming daily can affect your teeth and gums as well as your general health. If you are following a poor diet can, that can cause tooth decay and can even lead to gum disease. Drink and Food high in sugar will increase the amount of plaque present on your teeth and this can cause tooth decay. Plaque causes tooth enamel to break down and this is what causes a cavity.

Here we will suggest what types of food and drink should be avoided and what types of food and drink you should try and consume more of in your diet. For any kind of dental problem click on Best Dental Clinic In Chennai Velachery.

What types of drink and food should you try to avoid?

1. You should avoid the drink and food that consumes high sugar from your diet. If you consume food and drink you consume with added sugar, the more plaque that will build upon your teeth.

2. You should try to avoid foods such as sauces like BBQ sauce and tomato ketchup. These consume a very high sugar even in small servings. We will highly recommend not to consume candy as most candies are just pure sugar. Sometimes, hard candies can do further damage to your teeth by chipping or cracking them when trying to bite down on them. There are few more foods that can be extremely high in sugar like breakfast cereals, frozen pizzas, yogurt, biscuits, chocolate, and cakes many more different foods.

3. You should try to avoid drinks like full-fat fizzy drinks/soda. Most of these drinks are packed with high sugar and have proven over many years to be harmful to your oral health. Though fruit juices can be high in vitamins, these juices also tend to be very high in sugar and are also known to be bad for your teeth.

What types of drink and food should you add in your diet?

1. You should add a proper diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, fresh fruit, and vegetables can help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, if you stick to brushing your teeth twice a day, two minutes each time.

2. You should include foods such as apples in your diet. Apples contain vitamins and the acidity of an apple can help to eradicate bad breath as it helps to kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

3. You should include green vegetables like spinach and lettuce come with a variety of dental benefits. These vegetables are consuming iron, they are also full of beta-carotene.

4. The liquid you should consume the most is, of course, water!  Any query click on Best Dental Clinic in Velachery

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